Household Consumption by Number of Visits (PEP001)
A report that lists every household within the PEPartnership data that made a user-definable number of visits, and lists the products received at each visit, from the most recent visit to the earliest visit. It also provides a summary table at the top of the report showing the minimum number of products received on any visit, the maximum number of products on any visit, the mean number of products per visit, and the average fulfillment rate (the number of products were provided compared to the number of products requested).

Product Consumption for Household X (PEP004)
A report that produces a list of the products received by a randomly chosen household at each visit made by that household, in order from most recent visit to earliest visit. Because this report could potentially lead to identifiable data, the household presented will be randomly chosen each time that the report is generated.

Household Number of Visits by Month (PEP006)
A report that provides a table by month for the time period specified, showing the total number of visits for each month, the number of unique households visiting each month, the minimum visits (which is automatically 1, since that's the smallest number of visits that can be made by any household), the maximum number of visits made by any household, and the mean number of visits by each household. NOTE: This report may take a long time to generate.

Product Consumption by Time Period (PEP014)
A report that provides a report on products -- how many of each product were in stock, how many of each product were authorized, how many of each product were requested, how many of each product were provided -- and evaluative information as to what percentage of product requests were fulfilled and what percentage of authorized products were in stock.

Please note, however, that in-stock status was only being recorded and used in these tabulations beginning March 24, 2011; any data before that date will yield erroneously high fulfillment numbers. Also, the report includes all products that have been defined as PEP products, including products that have been de-listed from active status at the PEPartnership level. The fact that these products were provided at any point in time means that they are included in the consumption tables, and therefore show up in this report as apparently active products.

Products Distributed for Households with at least 1 Child 3 or Younger (PEP015)
A report that was originally developed to allow us to assess the need for diapers and other baby products. It is currently being modified to allow you to look at product demand for user-definable household characteristics across age ranges and genders, but is now set to examine only consumption by households with children 3 years or younger.