Household Members by Age and Gender (PEP002) 
Analyzes the distribution of individuals (in contrast to households) in the Partnership database by gender and age category (Adults 65+, Adults 18-64, Teens 12-17, Youth 4-11, and infants 0-3).

Households by Language and ZIP Code (PEP013) 
Since the PEPbase software currently provides support for households is Spanish, Hmong, or French (it is capable of supporting many more languages; these three are the only languages included as of November 2014), it is possible to examine the distribution of households by primary language across ZIP codes, to get a better understanding of "clustering" effects  of these households across the region. This information may be particularly useful for agencies looking to establish services in a given neighborhood, as they will have some idea of the magnitude of the need to provide staff support for non-English speakers.

Household Average Number of Visits by ZIP Code (PEP018)
In addition to looking at where our guest families live, we thought it might be interesting to see whether there is a difference in how often families in different areas of the city/county use PEPartnership services. This can help us inform legislators and policy makers of areas that appear to have higher poverty/need rates, and may warrant special attention. (This report also gives us a chance to clean up some of our data, as it lets us see erroneously entered ZIP codes.)