Households by Number of Visits (PEP007)
Illustrated by a line graph, this report starts with the number of households in Pepbase that have only visited a pantry once, followed by those who have visited twice, and so on. In the case of this agency, it explains the fact that the majority of households only visit once.

Product Consumption by Time Period (PEP014)
A report that provides a report on products -- how many of each product were in stock, how many of each product a household is eligible for, how many of each product were provided -- and evaluative information as to what percentage of eligible products were in stock. See PEP025 for a graphical representation of this report.

Please note, however, that in-stock status was only being recorded and used in these tabulations beginning March 24, 2011; any data before that date will yield erroneously high in-stock percentages. Also, the report includes all products that have been defined as PEP products, including products that have been de-listed from active status at the PEPartnership level. The fact that these products were provided at any point in time means that they are included in the consumption tables, and therefore show up in this report as apparently active products.

New Household Registration (PEP019)
Displays a line chart to track new household registrations for the selected time period and pantry of registration. A pie chart is also included to show how registrations are distributed across alliance pantries.

Household Visits (PEP020)
Displays both a line and pie chart to illustrate pantry visits over time and pantry.

Product Consumption (PEP021)
The Product Consumption report is a good way to gauge products distributed by a pantry as compared to the alliance as a whole. If you're a pantry Coordinator who needs to report product distributions for grant funding, this is the report to use. To see these values in table form, use the PEP014 report.

In Stock Percentage (PEP025)
Instead of describing the demand of products, PEP025 better illustrates the supply of these goods to guests in need, by tracking the ratio of in-stock essential products to eligible members of a household. It implements the line graph from Google Charts API, and draws a chart for any selected time period and pantry.