It's also important to be able to compare our data to the normative data, or the data for the general population. Is there a difference between family size for our guests and the general population? do we have a disproportional share of children or elderly? of single parents? of women? of particular ethnic groups?

When we have found such differences, you'll find that reflected in the reports and studies under Reporting->Demographic. The links here are provided so that you can easily locate the same data that we were using for our comparisons. 

  • Dane County Census Data
    The State & City QuickFacts page for Dane County from the U.S. Census Bureau. 
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey
    2009 data showing quintiles of income before taxes, with average annual expenditures and characteristics.  
  • American Factfinder
    A central point to start exploring population, housing, economic, and geographic data. 
  • Huggies® Every Little Bottom Study
    In 2008, Huggies | Kimberly-Kimberly Clark commissioned a study on the needs and costs of diapers in the U.S. and Canada. The resulting study highlights the impact not only in terms of costs but in terms of emotional stress, maternal well-being, and employment limitations. 
  • Cost of Cloth Diapers
    While this site is more focused on promoting cloth diapers over disposable diapers, it's one of the few sites that we've found that gives actual numbers for how many diapers a child is apt to need. Where the Every Little Bottom study provides important information about the impact of not having enough diapers, this site gives information about how many diapers may be enough diapers.